Hayek in Vienna

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The roots of capitalism or why this blog?

The Austrian Hayek Institut is organizing a conference on the roots of capitalism from October 16th to 18th in Vienna, Austria. Roots of Capitalism

During this conference there will be an exhibition on the early years of Friedrich A. von Hayek in Vienna from 1899 to 1930, which I am currently organizing and which was the initial reason to start this blog. I'll be posting some of the pictures and letters that have surfaced during the research for the exhibition, on the blog soon. I am really enjoying getting to know a different Hayek than the one we know from his books and interviews, as well as learning more about the famous "Mises Kreis". Since I want to share what I am finding I've decided to start this blog.

On a really personal note: This is my first shot at a blog and its all live, so I'm hoping people will give me helpful comments on how I'm doing. Thanks!


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