Hayek in Vienna

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Publishing Hayeks' old letters

It seems people in my family don't like parting with things. So if it didn't fall victim to moving, natural disasters or war, chances are its still around. That leads to lots of junk piling up but also nice finds such as the letters by Friedrich A. Hayek to his parents from WWI and his studies in New York in 1923. Obviously these don't contain much economics but they do show a man with very keen powers of observation and dry humor. I'm currently trying to decide how to make these public. A few people have seen them and one article was published including an English translation. Have a look at the Link above for some tidbits. Seems New York is no fun if you don't have lots money as a student? I have a graph showing how he saves every dollar till he has enough for the trip home. His biggest wish after that is buying books. More contents from the letters soon.


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